Games Currently Running

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Games Currently Running

Postby Huojin » 15:38:14 Tuesday, 25 September, 2012

Games Currently Running

This is a list of the games on Molotov that are running at present that you could join.

  • Land of Blood and Silver: Space Colonisation - Successor game to a Sci-Fi western set on Mars, wherein a disparate fleet of the various factions of humanity set out to explore a wormhole, only to find themselves stranded and lost, in orbit around an inhabited alien planet. (GM: BgKnight)
  • Vanaheimr 3: Aurora Borealis - On extreme-low burner, the slow-running newest Vanaheimr game, where players explore a mysterious cold island, based in a fantasy version of our world. More of a tale than a game, a story of adventure and the fight for survival unfolds in the bizarre world of the far north. (GM: Smyg)
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  • Louisiana 1792: Fils de la Révolution - GM/Author
  • Balance of Power: 1968 - Iraqi Republic
  • Saenwyn: A Song of Ashes - Corentin of House Tremayne, King of Saenwyn and Defender of the Realm

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Smyg the slow-running Louisiana
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Re: Games Currently Running

Postby Langben » 14:07:01 Sunday, 29 March, 2015

Updated. Considering running a "Turns due" board of shame here.

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