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Drunk thread

Postby TRC » 05:15:34 Monday, 01 August, 2016

Thanks y'all for being so aweome and patient when I needed it. Seriously you guys are a huge part of my life.

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Re: Drunk thread

Postby Master of Oblivion » 09:30:11 Monday, 01 August, 2016

This is why we need drunk BOP.
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Re: Drunk thread

Postby Huojin » 12:39:42 Monday, 01 August, 2016

Drunk BOP would be incredible. I wonder if we have any non-drinkers who'd be willing to GM it. You could run it on IRC and have like, 1 shot every X minutes or something, or like "take a drink when... USA/USSR get into a shouting match/the US has to spend inordinate amounts of time squishing rebels in Latin America/whatever". Except better rules than that.

... also we love you too TRC. :gameofthrones!:
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Re: Drunk thread

Postby Gesar » 14:56:10 Monday, 01 August, 2016

Some of us already play drunk BOP.
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