Molotov Strategy Game Ladder Tournament Activity Thread

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Molotov Strategy Game Ladder Tournament Activity Thread

Post by scorpion » 02:18:08 Tuesday, 08 November, 2016

The way it works is simple. This is a single thread presenting the ladders to choose from. Any player wishing to add a new game & ladder to the thread need only post the request in this thread at any time. The requesting player would hold top rung, until they are un-seated by a joining player.

*denotes player has not won top spot by combat.

Player Steam Names:
Scorpion- scorpion1009

General Rules:
-General Rules-
1.Honor & Integrity: are Paramount when taking part in the Molotov Strategy Game Ladder. We're all friends at the end of the day, and here to have fun. If you incure a loss, let your adversary know, he won't be so lucky next time.

2.Forfeiture- Forfeits occur when a player:

-Leaves the game without match completion at any point during the set event.

-A player misses the event, and is absent at the set time.(Can be overruled by a gentleman's agreement).

-Player decides to surrender/call the game in the perceived victors favor.

3.Loss of Connection:

-Loss of connection results in the match being terminated in the defenders favor. No change in the ladder occurs. However the challenger can immediately issue another challenge against the defender

-If the game is obviously overwhelmingly in the favor of one player, the win goes to that player. and the loser will take the loss honorably.

4.Ladder Challenges:

-In order to avoid endless challenges to a position, and games to attend. Players can only issue one challenge per week, no matter the amount of ladders they are in. This should make it so players have the possibility of fighting 2 matches a week.

5.Setting event date:

-The defender and challenger are responsible for setting their game date and time. They are to post it in the tournament thread after it is determined so it can be added to a game queue, visible to all, that will display all challenges.

6.Map Choices:

-Maps are to be Random whenever possible. Reason being, neither player has the advantage of picking an overly familiar map, and players wont play the same maps all the time. This forces the use of strategic thinking, and not reliance on familiarity.

-A Gentleman's agreements can overrule this.

7.Faction Conflict:
-If both players want to be the same faction, it goes to the defender. But in this instance the challenger will get to pick the map without issue.

8. Gentleman's Agreement:
-These agreements are based on integrity. They can be applied to any game specific rules regarding settings. Settings with a Random option are the 'go to' however in the face of disagreement.
Age of Empires II 1v1: Mode- Random Map(Standard Conquest)

-Random Maps (All) unless agreement made.

Age of Empires III 1v1: Mode- Supremacy

-Random Maps (All) unless agreement made.

Age of Mythology 1v1: Mode- Conquest

-Random Maps (All) unless agreement made.

Company of Heroes 2 1v1: Mode- Victory Point

-Random Map-67 total, each player chooses a number 1-67, type the numbers out at the same time, and play on the map that lands on the difference.
-Random Start locations.
Game Queue:
Metal Gear BoP-GM
1936 BoP-Nazi Germany
BOP:Overlord-South Africa

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