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Game Creation Rules

Post by Huojin » 14:55:23 Tuesday, 25 September, 2012

Game Creation Rules

There are two main routes for creating a game. The first is having only the idea, the second is having the idea and having developed it more.

The Idea

So you have an idea for a game? Great! But first, take a moment and think about your idea. If it's just a one-word sentence, for example "A world where Hitler dies in the First World War", then you haven't put enough thought into it.

Before you post in Game Ideas, you should make sure your idea is coherent. It makes sense, you have an idea of what the story is, a comprehensive understanding of the idea behind it, and that there are no obvious holes in your idea.

Once you're sure about what it is your idea is, you can post in the Game Ideas forum and see if you can gather some interest for a game. Although it varies with different ideas, depending on how many positions are open, you'll wait a fair few people to say they're interested. If not many people are interested, don't feel down-hearted, just think about your idea some more, change some things around. If no one is interested, it doesn't mean it's a bad idea, just that people don't want to play right now. Maybe develop another idea and put your old one on ice.

If people are interested though, you can begin working on some statistics, rules, and so on for your game, all the things it needs to run. Once they're ready, you can post them in your thread and say how many people you need, minimum to run your game. Most seasoned players will examine your stats to ensure they hold up, and question you to ensure your game will last a fair while and you have a plan for more than just 1 month of game time, but a much longer period.

If all goes to plan, once you reach your minimum number and people are satisfied your game will work, just talk to a member of the administration team and they can set up the forums you request for your game.

The Idea + Development

More seasoned members of the community will post ideas at this level. You should still always examine your ideas to ensure they make sense, but when the time comes to post, post all of the statistics, rules and so on you have developed so far, as well as, again, stating the minimum number of people you need.

As always, members of the community will question your game and examine it, as well as saying whether they are interested or not. If you reach your minimum number and your game looks solid, just talk to a member of the administration team and they can set up the forums you request for your game.

Further Rules

Game Ideas is a forum for discussing your ideas and developing games. Unless a game is finished and completed, or the prospective-GM requests, people should avoid posting claims in Game Ideas threads. This particularly applies for games which are Idea only.

Any games without game-related activity for one month will be considered inactive and archived unless the circumstances allow it (i.e. real-life issues).

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