10 Weeks In

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10 Weeks In

Post by CWestfall » 05:11:58 Monday, 15 October, 2012

Well, we're about 10 weeks into the existence of this forum. I feel like now is an excellent time to evaluate and reflect; this is a forum after all. ;)

I'm interested in getting opinions from everybody on how Molotov is going for them. What they think of the forum, its systems and policies, the currently elected administrative staff, the games, etc. The staff, GMs, and your fellow forum-goers in general can then use this information to hopefully improve. Be open and honest, but let's keep the conversation civil.

A few ideas on things to talk about: Administrative elections, admin policy, game approval matters, new members policy, August Molotov/Patton drama, the handling of the aforementioned by Molotov staff, new official rules, my overstepping of my authority in appointing Global Mods, ops in IRC, miscellaneous forum matters (avatar dimensions, smilies, signature length limits, etc.), Game I, Cape of Storms, Tranquillity Base, WW2 BoP, Vanaheimer, The Prophecy, Clash of Kings, Kerbal Space Program(me)
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Re: 10 Weeks In

Post by Orago » 05:37:32 Monday, 15 October, 2012

1. Administrative elections - I think there really doesn't need to be any elections. I mean, I appreciate that we are trying to be democratic, but does a site with less than 30 users who all consider each other friends really need such a bureaucratic system in place?

2. Admin Policy - Have the admins deleted anything yet? I don't think so. We're all pretty chill, but I suppose if we recruit more members, we'll need somewhat well constructed and codified policies. For right now though, all is well.

3. Game Approval Policy - I think the more relaxed approach to approving games is better. If a game fails, is it really that big of a deal? Community first, game second.

4. New Member Policy - What is our new member policy again? I think that if someone wants to recruit a new member, they probably know them well enough to know they're not a dick, so all is good.

5. Molotov / Patton Drama - I still think you guys should have told Pattonites to shove it, and just not let their drama effect you and ignore them, but if you guys are really suckers for closure, that's fine. I hope everyone is satisfied now. :)

6. The handling of the aforementioned by Molotov staff - See above

7. New Official Rules - The rules look fine.

8. Overstepping of authority in appointing Global Mods - IMO, Labine was a critical player in establishing this site, so he can have some executive power.

9. Ops in IRC - I was just kidding, I don't need ops. Only mods / admins should have ops for simplicity's sake.

10. Aavatar dimensions - Keep them under 300x300, but if possible, keep the file size limit pretty high, to allow max dimension PNGs

11. Smilies - We still don't have any new ones. I'm not a fan of huge smilies, but I don't care one way or the other too much.

12. signature length limits - We could just politely remind people their sig is huge.

13. Game I - I always like Huojin's regular Cold War BoPs.

14. Cape of Storms - Hasn't started yet.

15. Tranquillity Base - Probably should have paid attention to this. Sorry :3

16. WW2 BoP - Was fun, then I went away when I took the UK, so when I came back I felt pretty shitty for doing that to Scorp

17. Vanaheimer - Sorry I forgot to RP in that, Coin :3

18. The Prophecy - We already know I'm a bad GM

19. Clash of Kings - Never read the books, so didn't play, looked well made though

20. Kerbal Space Program - I like Indie games but that one just didn't do it for me

21. Cwestfall - Love of my life :P nah, he's just alright :P

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Re: 10 Weeks In

Post by Huojin » 22:05:43 Monday, 15 October, 2012

I'm gonna opt out of talking about all admin-y related stuff, since I've been super involved in that.

1. Administrative elections - All fine by me. Just a reminder to people that nominations for new administrators starts on November 20th, a little over a month from now.

3. Game Approval Policy - I wrote the new rules, so I'm bound to like them, but a relaxed attitude works for me.

4. New Member Policy - We really need to nail this down. I'm pretty in favour of approving anyone who signs up now (assuming they're legit and not someone we voted against).

8. Overstepping of authority in appointing Global Mods - I didn't really see a problem with it at the time. I don't think anyone did. Still, we need to nail down a way of doing this. Which is what we're doing.

9. Ops in IRC - Mods and Admins works pretty well. And IRCHighway seems pretty chill anyway.

10. Avatar dimensions - I really don't mind too much, or see the issue with them being as they are. But then again, I use the default skin.

11. Smilies - We really need to figure out how to add Gigantimotes. They're pretty cool.

12. Signature length limits - No qualms from me on this count, I haven't really hit the limits.

As for games we have running generally, I think things are going OK, but we could use more. Activity is never a bad thing. I'm working on something in the downtime between living my life and running Game I, I know Gesar is working on something, but I'd love to have a really active forum again. New blood would go some way to helping this. Also, really active majors. If there's another Cold War game on Molotov when Game I ends, I'd like to see two really active people as the USA + USSR so we can really get things shifting.

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Re: 10 Weeks In

Post by RinKou » 23:52:47 Monday, 15 October, 2012

Administrative Elections - Like Orago said, the elections do seem pretty frequent. Maybe less frequent (6 months?) with a recall system in place in case there's a gross overreach somewhere.

Admin Policy - Que?

Game Approval Policy - Every time we tried to pass Game Approval rules on Patton, it lasted for about a week and fell through. This is something that the community needs to get on, and I really appreciated having Sonny's input here. Real talk, with no punches pulled about the playability and plausibility of a game.

If we want to be really bureaucratic, having an elected committee to oversee game creation and shepherd new games into existence could work. Otherwise, some of us will have to step up and realize that creative criticism has a place.

New Member Policy - Any and all registrants should be allowed to stay - including those from Patton who were on exclusion lists.

Molotov / Patton Drama - I always was, and will always be a proponent of reconciliation, and opposed setting up Molly in the first place from the beginning. Now that reconciliation doesn't seem like it's likely, I'm not really going to point fingers. Mistakes were made on both sides, and feelings were hurt, but what's done is done.

The handling of the aforementioned by Molotov staff - If there was any overreach, it'd be here. Not by any fault of those involved, of course, the system worked as it was written to work. The problem was that the staff involved in that campaign was really polarized. The only member who didn't want to cut all ties with Patton was Goofy, who ended up taking a lot of heat on his own trying to keep an impartial position. Since those of us who wouldn't have wanted Molly to have become a thing in the first place pretty much stayed out of the staff elections, the admin staff didn't really have a lot of voices with differing opinions.

It's nobody's fault, really. Without dissent, the admin team just polarizes in one direction, and since those of us who favored reconciliation weren't keen on gunning for a leadership position here, we didn't have a voice.

New Official Rules - No need to really get into rules in writing unless we have major problems.

Overstepping of Authority in Appointing Global Mods - I like the idea of admins deputizing mods. I'll post more in-depth on this in the other thread.

Ops in IRC - Ops to admins, Hops to mods, and maybe have a dedicated IRC modstaff for 24/7 coverage. Also, don't give everybody voice/ops ever. It looks stupid.

Avatar dimensions - They seem fine. If somebody has a problem with it, they can bring this up on their own.

Smilies - I ain't care.

Signature Length Limits - Like with the rules, we don't need things like this on paper. We're not so big that we can't deal with these on a case-by-case basis.

Game I - I mentioned this in IRC, but without new members, and new members joining when there's an active UN game, then BoP can't work. Otherwise it gets boring as we rehash the same eras again and again and player interest dwindles. Less interest = less RP = less interest.

Cape of Storms - The first one was cool, if not exactly my cup of tea. I have high hopes for this one boosting forum activity.

Tranquility Base - The conflicts are kinda <_< For a Banana Republic govsim, sure, conflicts out the ass, everybody can join as a rebel group. But for a US-Soviet joint moon base? Maybe a few isolated (NPC) radicals on either side. There should've been a lot more diplomatic conflict - conflicting research labs, more attempts to open the moon for private mining/development/tourism, and politicians back at home facing other conflicts trying to gut space funding to direct it elsewhere.

WW2 BoP - I liked it when I first played, but it does take a bit of time. A little more than I have, but ScorpBoPs are a welcome addition to any forum.

Vanaheimer - All of my bads. If you want to run this as a PF or Legend campaign or something in IRC, though, I would be all over it. (Given free time)

The Prophecy - I have a problem with unstructured RPs in that they never really get beyond the set-up usually. There just isn't enough interest without a ruleset and objectives, and adding the ruleset and objectives kinda defeats the purpose of an RP.

Clash of Kings - I already made a pretty weak player in Westeros BoP since I didn't have much universe knowledge. It was well-done, though, despite my own shortcomings.

Kerbal Space Program - I followed the shit out of this on Patton, and still am. Dunno if it quite fits in with the rest of the forum (might need more players), but I'm not complaining.
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Re: 10 Weeks In

Post by scorpion » 00:50:56 Tuesday, 16 October, 2012

Administrative Elections -Less frequent would be better

Admin Policy -

Game Approval Policy -This is tricky because I've seen games die for a number of reasons even before they got started even after being approved. What i'd suggest is maybe some form of trial turn, mainly for new GM's or those who have minimal Gm experience. Reason being is the work load is often underestimated, and by the time it's realized the game is a couple turns and people are going good. then the GM craps out and loses interest. This along with turn apathy is one reason I'm hesitant on joining games. Turn Deadlines should be reinforced at all costs so as to not lose the players actually interested in getting a turn in on time. The only time i can see these deadlines and turn time being longer is when the GM is dealing with life issues on top of GMing.

New Member Policy - Any and all registrants should be allowed to stay, except those already voted against

Molotov / Patton Drama - Never cared for the drama, just want a place to play games with the guys i call my friends without seeing a multitude of undeserved harassment.

New Official Rules - cool by me

Avatar dimensions - they are fine

Smilies - dont care

Signature Length Limits -haven't seen anything too outrageous

Game I - not one for cold war games, to slow for my taste especially as a minor nation. so i have no opinion

Cape of Storms - played the first one for a couple turns, then it died....

Tranquility Base - never looked into it

WW2 BoP - doing my best to keep this game running while dealing with school,work and my social life.

Vanaheimer - never looked into it

The Prophecy -never looked into it

Clash of Kings - I was sad to see this one go for reasons i felt could of been remedied

Kerbal Space Program - never looked into it
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Re: 10 Weeks In

Post by Rising Phoenix » 02:54:24 Tuesday, 16 October, 2012

Administrative Elections - I am fine with a one-third-of-a-year aproach. I think I said this already somwhere.

Admin Policy - Keep the current one, it is fine.

Game Approval Policy - Keep it classy. As in, trenchoats, katanas, guns --Oh, you were discussing game aproval policy and not cyberpunk chracters? Well then, I say that you keep it classy too. In simple words: The easier it is to set up games, the better.

New Member Policy - I think the current policy helps avoid spambots from taking over. However we should also add the ability to enable independent (non-insider-endorsed) third parties to get access as well. Perhaps an 'email the administration' system could work.

Molotov / Patton Drama - I am going to ask everyone to keep it down and/or let it go. At the end of the day, I am in Molotov & Patton to play games. On these regards, I would like to congratulate Langben for being such an impartial and balanced neutral. With all said, if people want to cause drama: Go watch a modern music video in youtube and start a fight in the comments. You will not be dissapointed.

New Official Rules - They are fine.

Avatar dimensions - What he^ said.

Smilies - I still have to get around to remove the white thing from the Gigantimotes. Once I stop being lazy and do stuff we should have more customization.

Signature Length Limits - Like we are going to need that.

Game I - Someone gotta be the 'bad guy', right? Besides the United States of America, I mean...

Cape of Storms - Still waiting for the roller coaster to start... Rolling, so to speak. But this seems promising.

Tranquility Base - Nice, but I am out of ideas at the moment.

WW2 BoP - Must bow to Scorpion's superior administrative skills and patience. The only game I am running elsewhere has like 7~8 players and it gets very tiring sometimes.

Vanaheimer - That has to with dwarves and not elves, right?

The Prophecy - That has to do with wildcats, dreams & gypsies, right?

Clash of Kings - Would like to have tried it, but I was afraid of screwing up lore-wise...

Kerbal Space Program - Looks good, but I think I may have something better. Not yet released. Will make a thread later...

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Re: 10 Weeks In

Post by CWestfall » 16:26:07 Tuesday, 16 October, 2012

Just to address some points, with the signature length thing, I was mostly wondering if anybody wanted it increased.

As for game approval, (This is an opinion now) I'm kind of with RinKou on this one. What we really need is for people to give prospective GMs more constructive feedback. It's really easy to just say "Looks great" and leave it at that, but if you see potential problems on the horizon, the time to mention it is when it is still in Game Ideas. If it is fixable, it's best fixed at that stage.

What Scorp said about GMs sticking to deadlines I agree with completely. It's an issue I've had many problems with myself. :oops: I've made a goal to work on that this month.
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