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Post by BgKnight » 20:01:39 Thursday, 02 August, 2012

IRC, or Internet Relay Chat, is the most common form of communication for members of this community.

There are two simple methods to do so, if you do not already know how to use IRC.

Either: Or:
  • Install an IRC Client on your computer. If you use Firefox, you can download the add-on "chatzilla". Windows users can use X-Chat.

    The help and internet tutorials for both clients are useful, but in essence, you will need to join the server.

    For chatzilla, simply type "/attach". From this point, you simply type the command "/join #molotov".

    For X-Chat, use the window labelled "Server List", set the nickname(s) you wish to be seen as. Then click the "Add" button. Type in "irchighway", then click edit. Replace "newserver/6667" with "". Click "Connect to this network at start-up". Enter "#molotov" in the "Channels to Join" blank. Then click "Close" and double click on the "nexus" network you have just added. From this point, you simply type the command "/join #molotov".
For those who don't want to mess around with chatzilla and X-Chat, the Mibbit link is easy and safe.

Now why should you go on IRC? Well for one there's always at least one to three people in there. If you're new to the game you can ask people for help or just discuss the game. Its fast just like any instant messenger service but does not have any of those nasty account creations and tracker cookies like AIM and MSN. If you want to discuss something with your allies you can talk privately (type /query name of person) or create a new channel to talk to a group of people on (same thing as joining #molotov, you can type "/join #anychannelname" and invite them by typing "/invite anyuser").

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Post by Huojin » 22:40:43 Friday, 02 June, 2017

If Mibbit is down and you would still like to access IRC, we recommending using the Kiwi IRC client.

Use the "Server and network" drop down and insert "". You can leave the Port as-is, although any value between 6660 and 6669, or 7000, should work.

Just fill in your nickname as usual and "#molotov" for the channel.


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